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Phasing Out Alternating Current Directly

This is the first in a series of white papers defining and describing the benefits of 380V DC for the modern Data Center.

Four Steps to the Chip2Grid ConversionThe focus of this paper are the issues and ideas that make DC power the preferred power topology for modern data centers. We believe the financial and technical benefits are simply too compelling to think and act otherwise.

The technology focus for data center power is shifting from AC power conversion toward the perspective of the load’s requirement for DC Power and away from a focus on converting AC Power to something usable. However, converting to Data Center DC Power Systems is only the beginning. This is not AC versus DC; not analog versus digital; not Westinghouse versus Edison. This is the utilization of the inherent qualities of DC power – reliability, lower cost & expense, dramatic real estate reduction, and effective green power integration – to make a compelling case for a DC solution. DC power plus, increased efficiency is important and DC does provide in all cases an improvement.

380V DC Power Systems is the global format of choice. While we want to say Edison’s selection of DC was correct we need to recognize that the world has evolved and the demarcation line between AC and DC is shifting. The DC load is no longer simply the chip. The DC load now represents 85% of the building enabled by power electronics and clearly justifies the intrinsic business value of DC.

Understandably those who manufacture alternating current solutions are defensive about changing. This has led to the generation of misinformation which has added to a general misunderstanding of the facts about direct current. Leading universities, government agencies and IT leaders familiar with the facts are moving quickly to help dispel the misrepresentation of the facts. This paper will briefly address why higher voltage DC (380V DC) is not only as safe as its AC equivalence but arguably offers a solution which offers greater reliability in less space with a reduced total cost of ownership.

Just as important is that it is available NOW!

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